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Brewing with a Pumpkin

22 October 2007 2 Comments


It’s that time of year again when the brewers go mad making us drink beer made with pumpkin. Personally I find the pumpkin beer fun to try but tough to finish. It’s either too much spice or not enough pumpkin.

Usually the pumpkin is cut up and added to mash or the boil. But here’s an brewer that actually used a big pumpkin for all parts of making his beer. Not cut up. The hollowed out pumpkin!

Because most of us don’t have time to brew a beer for the groovy goulies we’ll have to resort to getting a six pack of pumpkin beer for your Halloween party. That way when your guests arrive shouting TRICK OR TREAT you can hand over the weird beer. Trick indeed.

Click to see “brewing beer in a pumpkin” pictures.

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