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Beer in Review 2008

31 January 2009 2 Comments

We wrap up the year with Beer in Review. this is where we pick our top three beers, rap about festivals like beer week, chat about taxes and tell you about the upcoming trip to San Diego to open Toronado then back to San Francisco to close the same. That trips isn’t going to happen on the dates said in the show so stand by for the new plan.

Topics covering 2008
Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego

InBev buys AB
Miller and Coors merge
Big brewing down to two giants
Budwieser makes a new brand
American Ale

Old brands making a come back.

75 years of the repeal of prohibition
prohibitionist still very organized
increasing taxes
lowering the acceptable BAC
smear campaigns

Beer Festivals in no particular order
Double IPA
Hop Rysom
Barrel Aged
Oregon Brewers Festival
Anderson Valley
Breast Fest
Firken Fest
no GABF again

Cinco De Cember
my new holiday

Top Three Beers
Ruby – McMenamins
Repeal Ale – 21st Amendment
Sarah’s Ruby Mild – Magnolia

Black Butte XX – Deschutes
Effing Great – Valley Brewing
Harvest – Sierra Nevada

Myers Scotch Ale the first batch
Lagunitus Pale – the reformulated Kill Ugly Radio
Stone – XII
every IPA
other beer we talked about

for some reason my notes have the words chicken, sheep, cow on the notes page. and the number 55:07. also the URL bubbleocity.com.

Beers on the Show:
Sierra Nevada Celebration 2008. or maybe it was Coors Light. 

the year ahead is full of festivals. plan ahead to get good deals on travel. and post the dates of your local festivals on your fridge.

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