SF Beer Week 2010

nothing can prepare you for a week long event in your own city that is the likes of San Francisco Beer Week. it’s starts with a party in the shape of a beer festival and ends exactly the same way 9 days later. that’s right, it’s so big that the week has to have one more day then that Beatles song. every night and sometimes day there’s are multiple events that you will surely miss because you chose to attend what seemed like the more awesome. beer dinners, rare tastings, a night of sour beers, the Barley Wine Festival, the Double IPA festival. on top of that it’s the second week of Magnolia and 21st Amendments Strong Beer Month. and it’s my birthday.

kids, there are more than 50 events. there is no possible way to make it everywhere. I know, I tried.

okay, three things will prepare you. here’s a plan. taking the entire week off of work is essential. making a list of what you want to attend like the ‘tion fest, lagunitus, more Vinney, a tea party and so on. make the list so you won’t miss something. finally park yourself in the City so you do not have to drive.

the web site will help you: www.sfbeerweek.com

twitter will help you: twitter.com/sfbeerweek

your iPhone will help you. download the app.
get here!

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