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» July 3, 2014

goodbye Fraggle.

» February 17, 2014

this is the stuff from SF Beer Week that made it home with me at the end of the night.

» February 10, 2012

one of the very best things about the San Francisco and the Bay Area is that there is amazing beer all year round. our friends make delicious things that chase the seasons. and other friends are bringing beer from the rest of the world making sure there is no lack of things to taste and try. one could argue that SF Beer week is every week happening 52 times a year.

» January 8, 2012

500 Beers is your book that contains everything you need capture all the unique beer that you are drinking. it contains space to log the details of your quest for trying beers close to your home or around the world. there is space to write the what, where, and when for each beer. and there is lots of space for notes, pictures and labels. this is a living book. it’s up to you to make it yours.

» December 16, 2011

here it is! the preview of the new 500 Beers book. it’s one of those gastly series of unboxing photo sets. frankly, there’s no better way to get an idea of the whole experience then to snap, snap, snap away while because it is whole thing.

» September 11, 2011

some of the big stouts like Abyss, XXIII or Serpents and even 15 from Stone all have flavors that will get masked by cold. but even every day Black Butte Porter benefits from warming. in the USofA Guinness is almost always served too cold as most beer bars don’t have a choice or way of controlling temperature just for one keg.

» August 23, 2011

these are some upcoming festivals and events that we plan on attending.

» August 22, 2011

we were invited to spend the evening with our friends from Widmer Brewing at the Explore Your Craft night held in San Francisco. every table had grain and hops samples. at the end of the night we took all we could. the plan was to brew beer with it. and we did!

» August 19, 2011

you can taste the difference between all four of these beers. they aren’t very good when you compare this beers to craft beer. in the right context any of these beers could be refreshing. if you do your homework you may come to a similar conclusion.

» August 2, 2011

before you head out for IPA Day download and “fold a book” containing information about India Pale Ale. it’s easy to make. all you need is a printer and some scissors. there is no glueing, taping or stapling required

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