Rockstar Bartender

NOTE: this is the show is the most controversial show on the menu. If you are annoyed, feel singled out or resemble anything we say during the show and are offended just stop listening. Skip ahead the next episode.

We kidnapped a bartender, feed her drinks and then talked about bar etiquette and jokes not to tell a bartender. We also get into how not to order a drink. The merits of regulars or irregulars. Cash or credit. Are the girls as bad as the boys. Tips on tipping. Last call. After an hour we cut to a disastrous after show. After the after show we went here. Angela is in the 3rd picture from the end.

Great fun. Get beers and enjoy.

Show Notes:
The Myth of Fernet article from the SF Weekly.

Semisonic sings the song Closing Time which has the line “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

Mr Underhills’ American Express card reference is from Fletch.

10 Replies to “Rockstar Bartender”

  • gabriolet says:

    john knows the cure to the summertime blues. 🙂 missed you on saturday Motor. 🙂

  • Clayton says:

    I’m sure you guys were having fun durring the show but for me as a listener it was mostly annoying and a waste of an hour. I found your first 2 podcasts much more enjoyable and helpful but it would have been fun to have been there.

    Did anyone count how many times Angela said “Damn”?

  • rob blatt says:

    So as someone who doesn’t know anyone who was on the show, I’ve gotta say that it was very enjoyable. I can see Clayton’s point, but I think you guys are good at riding the line between a helpful and entertaining rathole and never ending rathole.

    Keep up the great work, all the shows have been highly entertaining

  • rob blatt says:

    Congrats on becoming Ferneducators.

  • Clayton says:

    I can see that perhaps my earlier comment was a little harsh. I think there was some great content in the show and it was a fantastic idea. We just had to weed through some other stuff to get the content, that’s all I was saying. Keep up the good work. I love the show.

  • jsjphoto says:

    Wow. Just started listening. This chick is horrible. From the SF bay originally, moved to NY. got to say… everything in this episode is what the country hated about Cali. Un-Funny, Condiscending.

    You live in the best place on earth, but it makes you think that everything that comes out of your mouth is as interesting as your local.

    SF People are he most boring people in the world, and I really don’t know why that has to be… Too much PC, Too little balls, I guess.

    Less of the local ‘color’ PLEASE.

    The ‘cast is playing now and that woman is still complaining.


  • warza says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show, great laughs.

  • beer says:

    over on the craigslist in the best of section: from your barrtender echos what we learned on this show.

  • Poob says:

    John! I heard you say that barley wine is beyond beer school. A few months ago I tried my first barley wine and it is what really made me start actively seeking out new beer. I turned 21 a few days ago, I need to know where to get barley wine and if there are many choices of barley wines. I live in Castro Valley (next to Hayward) and go to school up in Santa Cruz. Help me!

  • polynomial says:

    I’d start at City Beer(Really friendly propietor and atomsphere):

    City Beer
    1168 Folsom Street
    San Francisco, California, 94103-6027
    United States
    phone: (415) 503-1033

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