Epiphany… and now!


This episode is in two parts. Which is good because if you don’t like part 1 you can skip part 2 and wait fo the next week show. Here’s the set up. Everyone has had a “beer experience” where we noticed what we were actually drinking. Think of this as the “ah ha!” beer. After that beer every beer after it is compared and contrasted. Funny thing about those experiences is that you remember all the details of the event. We also brought with us the beer that we are mostly drinking now. Or in John’s case the style that he seeks out. Enclosed are lots of stories about old stuff, breweries, beer making and beer drinking.

Oh yeah, there is a third part which we might release at some point. It won’t be on the main feed. And there would have been a forth part but we ran out of beer.

10 Replies to “Epiphany… and now!”

  • Jill says:

    Best podcast yet! A trip down memory lane….from Weinhardt’s (my first beer) to Red Tail in the big bottles. I owe my epiphany beer to Motor, Eye of the Hawk, again in the big bottles.

    I may have skipped ahead in the homework and tried this last night


  • rob blatt says:

    Dudes! The content was awesome.
    Dudes? What happened to the microphones?

  • beer says:

    Mics…. way sorry about that. I’ve changed this from here on out. The next show will sound much, much better.

  • rmcgough says:

    Someone get that guy off the treadmill.

  • bowlcut says:

    While walking around my local Kroger grocery store last night I happened to stumble upon the beer section. Now why would I do that??? But guess my astonishment to what I saw….. http://filez.mindless-innovation.com/files/default/hoegaarden.jpg

  • maccast says:

    Bridgeport IPA is the best. I love that you have it pictured in your post image. Here is a pict of me enjoying one myself. Cheers! 🙂

  • warza says:

    It’s funny to listen to this podcast and look at the pictures. Living in Europe all of these beers have been part of our culture for so long.

  • alcoheroe says:

    I bought a 12pk of Henry Weinhards Private Reserve yesterday, on sale at Safeway for $9.99. Very good beer.

  • jimmyolsen says:

    Catching up to your great podcast!

    I think my epiphany was on St. Patrick’s Day…I think it was 1999. I was in college in Atlanta, and the local bars in midtown threw a big party in their shared parking lot, and I had both my first taste of Guinness as well as my first taste of Caffrey’s Irish Ale. It’s actually the Caffrey’s that impressed me the most. Amazing beer. Google it to see how beautiful it is.

    Unfortunately, it’s no longer imported to the US since being bought out by Coors. No idea why. I miss it greatly. It made an amazing black and tan with Guinness.

  • blainekehl says:

    I am new to your show and I’m loving it! In this episode John was talking about a bar in New Orleans that served just beer brewed locally, unfortunately he didn’t say the name of the bar. I am going to New Orleans in October and I’m hoping to try a lot of the local beers. I’d love to find the name of the bar, if it’s still there. Anyone?

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