Holiday Beer Part 3

One of the best things about the coming seasonal tradition is that everyone makes beer especially for the occasion. You can love, hate, or just be indifferent about being forced to celebrate but you cannot ignore the beer.

There are so many that you can try. But we started with what we consider to be the grand father of this style.

Beers on the Show:
Two homebrew, Anchor Holiday, Siearra Nevada Celebration and 21st Amendment Holiday Spiced Ale.

Try something made for the holiday in a bottle or at your local.

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Hosts: John Foster and Motor
Guests: Susan, Steven ( and Honore).

Good noon! Recorded in San Francisco on 11/25/2008.

2 Replies to “Holiday Beer Part 3”

  • frawggy says:

    My sprouts were drinking candy cane hot cocoa. I was drinking celebration ale. i took a sip of the hot cocoa, and it blew my mind. try it out, with the celebration ale!

  • seanh99 says:

    Anchor is readily available in the Boston area, I just this past weekend saw a 750ml bottle of “our Special Christmas 08”

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