Epiphany… and now! Part 2…

Here’s part 2 of Mac or MacQue, Motor and John Foster talking about some special beers which are their epiphany beer and the beer that we seek out on a daily basic. Just so you know, epiphany means “a moment of sudden revelation or insight.”

Thanks for the feedback on the show so far!

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  • drchaotica says:

    Well…. Firstly, great show. Secondly, I’m in Australia and back before my “epiphany” I used to drink our local insipid lagers (Fosters being our “export” quality example). Then once I got to uni (Macquarie University in Sydney) they had something I’d never heard of on tap at the bar, so I tried it.

    It was different, not clear and yellow – but dark and cloudy. It was “James Squire Original Amber Ale”. It became my default beer for quite a while…. although they’ve now taken it away from the university bar.

    Oh well…. I just finished a bottle of James Squire Porter….. malty.

  • bowlcut says:

    Im somewhat saddened to say what my turning point was…. While at a kick ass little bar called the Flying Saucer, Google it as its a very cool bar, I was recommended something I never had… Amstel Light. Little did I know that was a pretty good tasting beer. having only been exposed to such things as Bud, and Natural Light in college, I had no idea beer could taste good. At that point I was like, dang lets try something new…

    If you can ever get to a Flying Saucer I recommend it. 200 different beers served at any point, usually around 75 on tap….but technically its more like 225+ for sale. the bar maids and waitress’ all wear short plaid skirts, knee highs, and t shirts….defiantly a good experience. Come to Nashville and the first round is on me 🙂

  • camit34 says:

    My epiphany came while stationed in Germany. My wife and I lived in Speicher about 15 minutes outside Bitburg and being so, Bitburger Premium Pils was every where on tap. We became hooked very quickly and still drink it today here in Colorado.

    A neat side note for us – Our son, Alec, was born at the hospital in Bitburg Germany just down the road about a mile from the Bitburger brewery.

  • Merlin says:

    My epiphany was “Rickard’s Honey Brown”. (Probably no chance of finding it in the states.) I was trying out different kinds of beer and it was in a sampler pack with the other two kinds of Rickard’s.

    The other two were okay but the honey brown really struck me as a great beer. I still experiment when I buy beer now, but if I want something I know will be good I will buy Rickard’s Honey Brown.

    I know in Edmonton Alberta we can get Hoegaarden. I will keep my eye open for all the other beers you guys had on the show.

  • Armagnac says:

    Hey, I’ve been listening to you guys while working and, let me tell you, it’s not fun hearing about all that beer when you know its hours away. But I’m drinking a modelo now, and it’s quite good. A bit better than Tecate, which is nice for the price point and the ubiquitousness. Also, your griping about corona is a bit unfounded when you can buy it in a big cardboard box.

    However, I believe that my epiphany beer, is actually pilsner urquell. I like darks beers, but the finesse of a good pilsner is something nice. But the first time I was seriously pleased with spending 5$ on a pint at the store was when I got ‘Morimoto’s Soba Ale’. I’m not really a big fan of ‘Hoppy’ ales, and that explains why I don’t like IPA’s (and now I get that, ho ho!), But I’ll be giving them another shot now that you guys have been waxing orgasmic about them.

    Hoegaarden’s a nice beer too, I often get that at the bar.

    I personally wish I could afford to do a ‘Brandy School’ show, as I loooove fine brandies, but unfortunately spending 60-80$ on a fine Bas Armagnac isn’t something I can do all the time.

  • AndyinVA says:

    Hey guys — I love the show, and have listened to the episodes up through the Epiphany shows. I think I have two epiphany beers — Abita Turbo Dog and Shiner Bock. Until then, I mostly drank the American mass market beers. I tried a Turbo Dog after seeing Emeril pimp it so much on his show, and then getting hooked on cajun food while in grad school. I tried Shiner Bock when at a conference at Texas A&M, also when I was in grad school. We’re talking ’98/99.

    After watching an episode of the Thirsty Traveler on Belgian beers, I tried a bottle of Orval, and I think that is my favorite beer now. I don’t get it a lot, because it is hard to find and is pretty expensive, but when I want a special occasion beer, that’s the first one I look for.

    A few questions — do other beers in green bottles, like Beck’s or Molson, have the same skunky problem that Heineken has? Also, I have only been able to find Modelo in bottles . . . clear bottles. Stay away, or go for it?

  • beer says:

    They can. But there is no reason to “blanket statement” stay away from green.

    But it depends on a few things. Was the beer stored out of the light? Because light can damage beers in clear bottles if exposed. However lots of beers come in green and clear bottles. New Castle for example never seems to be damaged. So its possible that Modelo in bottles will be just fine. It’s a very clean beer so you’ll know right away if it’s off. We used to make fun of Moose Head (green bottle) saying it tasted like “Moose.” Turns out it was just bad.

    Beck’s travels from Bremen Germany while Molson travels from Canada. Beck’s is a Pilsner and Molson is an ale. Two different styles from two different countries. I’ve enjoyed both beers with no odd tastes. But I’ve also experienced some wickedly bad beers from either. I guess it boils down to this: you have to buy your beer from a place that takes care of your beer. Because it’s all about handling. Including your own!

  • ann says:

    Ok, guys, you have a woman listening. I have listened through this show and decided it was time to make some comments.
    Please, hold back on the local SF stuff. I live in Huntsville. AL and Sewanee, TN and I do not care how far it is to the nearest brewery from where you are sitting. You are trying to make the rest of us realize how lucky you are. We know it, OK?
    I have actually learned quite a bit from the shows so far although my husband thinks tipping $1 per drink is ridiculous. That bartender episode was pretty bad, by the way, but I think you guys know that.
    I have not seen Henry Weinhard’s anywhere in the south so far. If anyone knows where you can get it around here I would appreciate knowing.
    More later.

  • AndyinVA says:

    Finally got around to buying some bottles of Modelo Especial from my local supermarket. The first bottle was only a little skunky, but the second one was pretty bad. The beer itself was good once I got past the skunkiness–next time I’ll buy it in a can.

  • ndog says:

    I’m a few episodes behind but catching up. Kudos. My epiphany beer was just knowing there was more out there than Busch Light. Went to University of Florida where the cheaper the better was king. Ended up at a small (and always uncrowded) Salty Dog Saloon where they had more than 1 flavor. Learned a lot there. Now my hillbilly friends all laugh at me for not drinking the ‘making love in a canoe’ beers but I’m a better person for it.

    Beer to try: Kona Brewing’s Hefeweisen (I think I spelled that right). Gotta be in Kona, HI to get it, but best H. I’ve had. The local’s pretty good too.

  • CMYK says:

    Hey Guys,
    Love the show. It’s been great fun picking up some of the beers that you feature on the show (Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, Sierra Nevada, Widmer, Negra Modelo) and drinking along with you guys as you drop the knowledge & entertainment (I’ve even thought about purchasing my own bell to mimic the beginning and end of Class.) I know John isn’t a fan of the East Coast but I thought Motor might like to know that my local bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn, The Mark Bar, has Radeberger on tap.
    Any thoughts on the Brooklyn Brewery?
    Keep up the good work.

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