Everyone Knows Your Name


This show we talk about pubs. Our fav’s and rave’s, places that we will never go back, the special, out of the way place, the places from the past that no longer exists, the place I go to be invisible and how to make a new place your own.

There was only one beer for this show which is Anchor Steam. You should be able to find that easily. Be sure to listen for the homework. You’ll need the info in this link. It’s the address to send us stuff.

In an attempt to get the show caught up with itself this is the last of the late posts. After this it should be back to it’s regular unscheduled regularity.

2 Replies to “Everyone Knows Your Name”

  • Clayton says:

    I wish I had a place to call home. My town is about 30 miles west of Boise (the Capital) and we have several bars (mostly dives and kind of creepy) but no pubs or tap houses. The only thing we have is like an applebees or red robin but their selections usually are pretty standard.

    If I drive to Boise there are several great brew pubs with good beer and food. I discovered this great beer and pizza joint called “The Front Door” A couple weeks back they were having a barley wine festival. Here is a picture of my drinks with my wife in the background.

  • bowlcut says:

    dont really have a home as Ive not gotten too comfortable anywhere yet. I do like the Flying Saucer quite a bit. 75ish taps, all rotated A LOT. one of the busier bars around nashville on the weekends. then another 150+ bottles you can order.

    Or….The Marathon. I little almost dive bar/sports bar right by the apartment here. Lots of good times there but just a little too diveish and no good beer to really speak of.

    We do have the benefit of having Yazoo brewery here in town which makes some excellent brew’s and nothing like getting it fresh. There is a couple great beer stores that are right in the center of all the brew pubs here in town and all bottle and sell there. So nothing like fresh out of the brewery into your mouth

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