teach a friend to homebrew at ESB


every first Saturday in November is Teach a Friend to Homebrew day. events were happening all around the country. it’s a good reason to be outside. besides drinking beer, and watching football we brewed ten gallons of beer with Richard from Elizabeth Street Brewing (a real fake pub). lots of people showed up bringing more beer, some food and an appetite to learn about making beer. what they learn is that it’s a all day in the backyard experience.

brewing beer is easy enough. you need a kettle, a bucket, a thermometer, a timer and the parts which are hops, grain, yeast and water. more gear makes it easier of course. the simple of making are these steps: heat water, wash grain with that water, wait, fill the kettle with the wort, boil, add hops, after an hour chill, transfer to the fermenter and add yeast.

not everyone stayed until the end. by the time it was dark the kids were inside and other guests had gone. it was just Richard, myself and this giant bug that we squished with a chair.

Teach a Friend to Homebrew official site.
Elizabeth Street Brewing in San Francisco

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