City Beer Rocked!

Thank you everyone for making yesterday completely fun. There is three hours of show that needs to be processed because everyone turned out in full force. I want to thank Craig and Beth (the owners of City Beer) for allowing us to use their incredible space for the afternoon. It’s an amazing store and a destination for anyone traveling to San Francisco. I’ll have the shows posted soon. Stand by for part 1…

2 Replies to “City Beer Rocked!”

  • torsten says:

    I really liked City Beer. Craig and Beth and all the customers there were really nice. City Beer has lots of different bottles, many of which are at toddler eye level, which is fun. There are a few kegs on the floor too, which can be used as tables or drums, whatever you need. The floor at City Beer is so clean you can eat off it – or at least it seemed clean enough to me. (Thank you, Motor, for bringing yummy crackers.) There are a couple of really comfy chairs to climb on. Overall, it was a great place to kill an afternoon.

  • pjasper says:

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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