Holiday Beer Part 4


it seems like every year the holiday sneaks in sooner and sooner. this year is NO exception. sure, we’re always glad to see the new beers because they offer exciting takes on taste. but do we really have to put up with retail needs to maximize efficiency of flying off the shelves for maximum profits? can’t we enjoy dead turkey day and the birth of the invisible man’s son without having it run apon us? okay, maybe we don’t care. having it come out early means we can try some different things BEFORE we commit to bring bottles to the party. the best compliment in the world you can get is “dude, awesome picks on the beers… I like every one you brought.”

and that’s my friends is what it really is all about.

Beers on the show:
Anchor Xmas 1986
Anchor Xmas 1987
Anchor Xmas 1988
Anchor Xmas 2007
Anchor Xmas 2009
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Samuel Smith Winter Welcome
Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve
Deschutes Jubelale

your future self will thank you if you start making a vertical flight today.

Lawn Dart Parts
Advanced D & D
this is the BIG FAT cricket that we killed with a chair.

call the Beer School Robot!
424-242-3375 (NOTE: this is the CORRECT number!)

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