T-Day Two Point Oh


Green Bean Casserole. Cranberry in a Can. Sweet potatoes with Melted Marshmallows. Curry Fruit which wouldn not be so bad if it wasn’t all from cans. Sausage in the stuffing which was in the Stovetop Stuffing. Smash potatoes not from smashed but from a box… all of our mothers were colletively terrible cooks. okay, Paxton’s evidently was not.

Thanks Giving shouldn’t be about just one big meal but a multiple day festival were you get to try lots of different things. it’s a chance to learn new dishes and try old things in a new way. made with beer that is. using beer in your old recipes give them a new twist and taste. in fact, why not pair beer with everything on your table. use beer to make everything. from brining the turkey to making the bread. seriously, why not?!

lumpy gravy. hot rats. albatross!

Paxton’s recipes for awesome:
Brine that bird. Turducken. Waterzooi. Wit Sauce. and all the rest.

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Chicken Harvester video is not safe for work. don’t watch this with kids. don’t watch this if you like chicken. don’t watch this video period.
the Pilgrims were not out of beer after all.

turkey hotlines

Butterball Turkey Hotline (800) 288-8372 http://www.butterball.com
Empire Kosher Poultry Hotline (800) 367-4734 http://www.empirekosher.com
Foster Farms Turkey Help line (800) 255-7227 http://www.fosterfarms.com
HoneySuckle White Turkey (800) 810-6325 http://www.honeysucklewhite.com
Reynolds Turkey Tip Line (800) 745-4000 http://www.reynoldskitchens.com
Shadybrook Farms Dial a Chef (800) 723-4468  http://www.nldesign.com/sites/dial-a-chef
USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline (800) 535-4555 http://www.fsis.usda.gov/OA/programs/mphotline.htm
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