Monk’s Blood

canning lineit’s all the buzz on the Twitter. Monk’s Blood from 21st Amendment that is. lots of blogs are writing it up. there’s some really great pictures of the release party on Beer and Nosh. although the salt shaker shot looks contrived. just saying. another person has translated the side of the can giving us a clearer copy paste-able version. now we can all start chanted. cue that board on head…. ouch.

it’s been fun tasting this beer evolve from a 1 time never beer to a second take better and finally to it’s third time is a charm masterpiece. it’s complex with flavor but is completely drinkable. you know how some holiday beers are over the top with something? pine(sol), cina(bomb), nut(meg), and all that is over done for no reason. Monk’s Blood isn’t that way at all. think balance, sophistication and finesse like that girl in the song who wears a short skirt and a long jacket. although it should be said that it’s not a “holiday beer” and I’m only making the comparison because of time of it’s release.

4111824078_d241efed8aduring the release dinner we all got to sample the first batch after it had aged in bourbon barrel for 6 months making it more never compared it what it already was. it’s a clue where this beer will go. time wise it will become smoothed out making it that much, much more. and because it’s in a can with no way for light or air sneaking around a crown to get at it will stand the test of time for a long time. if you are sophisticate that belittles products because of the delivery method you have to look beyond and focus only on what’s inside.

all the things that are listed on the 4 pack are tastes you can taste. it’s all there. get it out of the can and into a tulip or a snifter. if you drink it from the can (savage) your nose won’t be involved and it won’t pick up the whole experience. figs is the mystery flavor because most of us have only experienced it in the form of a Newton.

so far Monk’s Blood has stood up to the tests of everything we’ve thrown at it paring cigars, duck, fries, cherries and chocolate dessert, more cigars and a pizza. those things only help to accent all the flavors of the beer. I say go with a very dark chocolate instead of lighter or fruitier. while food wise I’d stick with hearty & rich rather than spicy. although the pizza held it’s own just fine.

can and four packokay, this isn’t a beer review. because the rules are “you don’t have to like what I like.” that said, I really like Monk’s Blood. so you owe it to yourself to find and try it after it’s December release. it’s very likely that people will call this the worst beer ever. because what comes out of the can is an unexpected dark goodness that hasn’t seen the like since Ten Fiddy arrived. you can hear somebody say “that’s not what canned beer looks like?!” also there will be screams of “umm 12 bucks for four cans! dude.”

and I’m fine with that as that means there is more for me! get here.

photo credits: ShaunO and Jesse. and this last one is mine.


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