American Craft Beer Week


This is cool. For the week of May 14-20 everyone can participate in the Great American Beer Tour. Well I guess you can’t if you live in Oz or Belgium. So if you live in the US it’s simple and doesn’t cost anything to join. You need to download a passport that you take to your pub, tap house or brewery order a pint and have them stamp it. You get 1 point per visit and 2 points if your local is a member of the Brewery Associates.

At stake are pint glasses, shirts and a “most of the expenses paid trip” to go to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

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3 thoughts on “American Craft Beer Week

  1. That’s really cool, except all we Californians can get out of it is a certificate. Apparently, state law prohibits prizes from being given out in return for drinkin beers and patronizing your local brewery. Wah!

  2. I wrote to the organizers asking “from a CA point of view if we qualify for a glass or shirt can we buy it from you? it’s kinda pointless to go for a prize that turns out to be a piece of paper. let me know.”

    I haven’t heard back.

  3. Heard back. The news is they think all the shirts will be spoken for so there’s no chance of getting one of those unless you have an outstate friend that you can have speak for you. Otherwise there might be extra pint glasses that you “might” be able to get. Hmmm…. we should do something for the CA listeners.

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