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Susan and Steven traipsed around Europe for a month doing work, honeymooning and taking weekends off. they did the normal things like see museums, art, fountains, castles but they also made the effort to enjoy beer in all these places. some of the traveling they did was researched in advance but just as much of it was finding into places through recommendations from people they met along the way.

travel information can be found in lots of different places. but you success largely depends on similar view point of your guides. no matter where you find travel information (the internet, books, people) be sure to weight the source. the cynically old guy at the bar may not think highly of your next destination. he may have a point.

lots of lists:
[links to come]

stuff we talked about:
Cloud Berries
Acheraut pub.
the little mermaid
worlds largest unopened collection of beer.
west cigarettes commercials
coppers town legends – baseball fields
hot dog sauce
portland food blogs

YellowBelly is a more local brewery that made beer from cloudberry aka bakeapples. there’s a picture of what they look like on the second page.

Beer on the show was made by Susan and Steven.

travel somewhere for beer. either make a short trip to somewhere you haven’t been or jump a flight to check out a destination.
where would you go?

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