tour Belgium with Belgian Beer Me!

Stu Stuart has a bunch of trips planned that will take you to all over the country of Belgium. some of the trips are centered around a festival like Zythos or Essen Christmas Beer Festival.

traveling to a foreign country can be a daunting experience. there is so much different and yet the same. and while it’s not at all like trekking to the Congo a guide is a handy thing to have just the same. Stu has run many trips of all sizes from small personal trips to larger bus based tours.

Stu also has classes about Belgian beer. which is a great way to try beer that you’ve never tried without the hassle of traveling.

Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours
• The Great Zythos Beer Festival Tour of Belgium March 3-8, 2010. Six days, five nights.
• The Ardennes Mountain Spring Beer Tour of Belgium May 26-June 3, 2010. Nine Days, eight nights.
• New! The Best Damn Farmhouse Ale Tour of Belgium & France Oct. 11-16, 2010. Six days, five nights.
The Lonely Monks Trappist Beer Tour of Belgium & the Netherlands Oct. 16-25, 2010.

check out for a complete list of tours and additional information.

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