I Like Chinese

it’s a country of the most and the least. the people of China drink more beer as a country compared to any other country in the world. but oddly, the amount of beer consumed per person is the lowest on planet.

beer wasn’t brewed anywhere in the country until the beginning of the 20th century by the demand of “foreigners” who were doing business there. Tsing Tao, which has grown to have 50 breweries in 18 regions, was started in 1903 by British and German merchant. it’s size makes it the 8th largest brewery in the world.

according to sources 95% of beer produced is consumed locally. it was this country’s demand for beer that caused the hop crisis. although none of the beer from China would be considered hoppy.

the fortune cookie is a controversy in history. here’s the bio of the presiding judge who was Daniel Hanlon. how’d you like to have that on your resume?

the best cookies come from Mee Mee Bakery. the Golden Gate Fortune Cookieother guys have a more “Big Trouble in Little China” alley to walk down to get there…

the geeky guest we didn’t have on the show to talk about this bit of computing history. Motor thought he was too geeky. here’s a fortune generator.

le machine makes fortune cookies all day long. in case you want to know more about it check out the patent listing for the machine.

cookie companies that will put your message inside.

and now back to beer. 9000 year old beer is something nobody will ever have again.

an overview of Beer in China.

translators that helped my sort out the logo.

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