Belgium by Bus

so you want to get away? but the beach doesn’t interest you. the thought of seeing a giant hole in the ground that isn’t doing it for you. and standing in a line to see robots sing and dance doesn’t even remotely peek your interest. why not tour a country that has a tradition of making really great beer instead? yes you (and your new friends) could be traversing Belgium in search of that perfect pint.

there’s lots of ways to tour a country. you could go it alone where it’s to you to research and plan every move. and that can be daunting. you could sign up for a tour that would take you from place to place on a giant bus. but because of it’s size you won’t see the small farm house off the side road. the better tour is on the short bus with not very many people. and the guide you want is somebody that isn’t just doing it for the money. they are doing it because they love the beer they are taking you to.

here’s the link to the movie we watched on the show. yeah, silly wasn’t it? video in an audio show.

Stu Stuart of “Belgian Beer Me: does tours of Beglium beer. he’s got a few to choose from. and if you can’t go this year think about next year doing the similar tour about the same time of year.
The Great Zythos Beer Festival Tour of Belgium—March 3-8, 2010. Six days, five nights.
The Ardennes Mountain Spring Beer Tour of Belgium–June 1-9, 2010. Nine Days, eight nights.
The Best Damn Farmhouse Ale Tour of Belgium & France–Oct. 11-16, 2010. Six days, five nights.
The Lonely Monks Trappist Beer Tour of Belgium & the Netherlands–Oct. 16-25, 2010.
(combine the last two trips for extra awesome!)

go to for a complete list of tours.

if you want to go it alone you will need a map and a book.

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