Never Beer

Monday March 29th! 6PM. the call went out to a select few get here

they did get here and helped in the the recording of the NEVER BEER show. it’s finally recorded. the idea was to take something that you, the listeners, complain about and push it to the extreme. that is, you complain that we drink beer that you can’t get. so for this show we drank beer that nobody will EVER be able to get. okay, this is not entirely true. one of the beers in the collection could be purchased (or could have been) at show time. like Firestone 13 which we had a bottle to try. it’s not never now but in 4 years it might as well be never.

the rules for the guests were pretty simple:
please bring a beer (or two) that you has a story to tell while drinking it.
the show is like a session at your local.
you don’t have to arrive exactly at 6. but we will very likely roll audio close to then.
leaving early is totally allowed!
the show is going to be released on April 1st.

the guest list was a who’s who of beer:
Betz (formerly of Toronado)
Beth and Craig (City Beer Store)
Sean Z Paxton (Home Brew Chef)
Gabby (21a Festival Girl) who’s bringing┬áJeremy (Tcho Chocolate)
Motor and myself

we invited these guys but did not make the show:
Arnie (Marin Brewing Company)
Richard Brewer Hay (Elizabeth Street Brewing)

it looked like a lot of guests but not everyone stayed for the whole show. somebody told me they were going to be late. it will all worked out in the end. we all hope you enjoy what we made. hopefully you will listen along with bottles from your OWN collection. and it will be much, much more like you are participating along with us!

beer on the show:
[nggallery id=16]

pictures taken during the show:
[nggallery id=15]

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