Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby!

Motor has two favorite beers that he will defend to the end. one of them is Ruby from McMenamins.

the McMenamins have made an empire of interesting old buildings around Washington and Oregon. we counted 65 places from there list. it’s possile that there were some duplicates. but anything over 10 is a lot of places from a property point of view. okay so we got the fruit wrong because we didn’t look it up. it’s raspberries not blackberries. same thing if you ask me. one is just darker and they look the same.

beer on the show:
Hammer Head (IPA)

[nggallery id=20]

3 Replies to “Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby!”

  • samgreene says:

    Frampton used a talkbox which uses the shape of the mouth to alter the guitar sound. Not all all related to autotune, which snaps the naturally off pitch moments of singing to exact pitches. Nothing to do with beer, but there you go.

  • dholowiski says:

    I know this is off the wall, but is it just a coincidence that their web site is written in ruby on rails (I’m pretty sure) and they have a beer named ruby? Could this be the first beer named after a programming language?

  • john says:

    it’s more likely that Ruby the language was named after the beer. Ruby the beer predates Ruby the language by 10 years. but sadly the beer was not the basis for the name. the wikipedia article tells that the name was chosen because it was the birthstone of one of the author’s mates.

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