Boonville is a short beer festival in middle of a brewers party.

Boonville is a short beer festival in middle of a brewers party. it’s been an event “not to be missed” since as long as we’ve been covering the beer scene. the biggest problem is that it’s not a good idea to go “just for the festival” part. it’s far really too far to drive up and back in a day. but it’s even more stupid if you plan to enjoy beer at the festival.

anyone who is driving away from Boonville after last call is bound to get pulled over by the numerous CHP ready in wait. it seems that there are more officers on patrol every year. bottom line. don’t drive unless you are the DD and even then it’s a good idea to wait for the crazies to get far down the road.

one of the highlights of the weekend is hearing the Firkin Tappers play around a campfire. the Tappers are a marching band and marching bands have always been fueled by beer. you can walk around the band as if you were in the band. the sound changes a little. some instruments totally drown in the mess. but funnier is hearing the musicians bicker amongst themselves. it’s just like high school all over again. nice to see that some things never ever change.

after the band there was a session of joke telling around a camp fire. eventually guitars broke out. some guy came up to the fire, sat down and promptly passed out in that chair. eventually it was 3 in the morning. and that was it for me.

anyway. fun times. stay and enjoy it.

PS: the podcast is all music from the weekend.

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