Motor reports in from LA

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Motor occasionally calls in when he’s traveling to report on his surroundings. Hard to tell if he’s being sarcastic or if he really truly is having a good time. Listen for yourself and leave a comment.

Thanks to everyone that wrote asking if Motor was one of the chipmonks. He’s never been as near as I know. Anyway I’ve fixed the audio below (9/19/07).

[this is not going out on the feed btw]

One Reply to “Motor reports in from LA”

  • djsanta says:

    Motor, I’m a few weeks behind on the podcast. I was listening to the homebrew episode Saturday morning, but didn’t finish it. Not until Sunday morning did I hear that you were going to be in Pasadena (less than an hour from my house…a frequent stop). It’s funny because we almost headed that direction to see some friends last night…if only I knew.
    So I guess I’ll have to wait until next time to meet you.
    Thanks for a great show…you and John always deliver!

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