American Craft Beer Week

I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one beer event in your area. and if you don’t see one listed on this handy guide and calendar it’s easy enough to make your own event. you could get a selection of different beers, invite your friends over and have a night of tasting. or you could visit one of the 1600 breweries around the country for a tour. or you could just have a night out with pizza and some tasty beer.

hopefully you won’t have the problem that the crazy “city name beer week” events like San Francisco, San Diego and Philadelphia create which is back to back to back events or multiple events on the same night that are “must attend or you’ll miss it”. it’s a lot of fun to have so many things to choose from but we’re happy that it’s only once a year.

here is the resolution from the 11th Congress.
find an event in your area.
video of the resolution 1297 being past. [snooze]

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