preview the 500 Beers book

yup. here it is! the preview of the new 500 Beers book. it’s one of those gastly series of unboxing photo sets. frankly, there’s no better way to get an idea of the whole experience then to snap, snap, snap away while because it is whole thing. the LULU box is one size fits all. they made it based on the biggest thing they print spreading the cost of the box out over all the different sizes. once opened and released from the plastic I quickly turned the pages to find the mistakes that I’d made. sometimes you just can’t see these things until you see it working in the final version.

it’s sooooo close…

1) I don’t like the cover art. so that gets changed. fixed. see the revised cover above.
2) the text and the margins are wrong on some of the pages on the wire wound version. too close and too big. fixed.
3) watch that edge. seriously. fixed.
4) it’s obvious that some pages are in the wrong place. reflowed.
5) smaller type in places. yep, make the typeface smaller. make the typeface small. made smaller.

here’s the snaps.

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