500 Beers

you know those books that list 300 things you must try? chances are half of what’s in there is unobtainable. so why not make your OWN book. 500 Beers is your book that contains everything you need capture all the unique beer that you are drinking. it contains space to log the details of your quest for trying beers close to your home or around the world. there is space to write the what, where, and when for each beer. and there is lots of space for notes, pictures and labels. this is a living book. it’s up to you to make it yours.

inside there are four types of pages:
a detail page where you list the beer, brewery, style, location you drank it and the date.
a progress bar that you fill in so you have a visual time line of just how many beers have made the list.
the grid pages are there for doodles, pictures, maps, specific notes or anything else you might want to capture.
mark maps in the back of the book where you beer came from. there’s even room for you own maps.

500 Beers is a fun way to learn about beer.

buy the book from our robot printer called Lulu now.

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