» January 13, 2010

nothing can prepare you for a week long event in your own city that is the likes of San Francisco Beer Week. it’s starts with a party in the shape of a beer festival and ends exactly the same way 9 days later. that’s right, it’s so big that the week has to have one more day then that Beatles song.

» January 12, 2010

we’re celebrating Motors B-Day by recording it. anyone can come. kids are welcome. leave the woofs and kitties at home.

» December 25, 2009

we’ve been going to the Toronado on the Night Before for years. but it wasn’t until last year that we decided to make a night of nights of it. the idea is simple. bring some food. drink beers with bows on them. that’s it. everyone shares the night.

» December 24, 2009

don’t like holiday because you don’t take sides with an invisible man but don’t want to be left out of the fun? join us for Festivus. it’s for the rest of us!

» November 10, 2009

every first Saturday in November is Teach a Friend to Homebrew day. events were happening all around the country. it’s a good reason to be outside. besides drinking beer, and watching football we brewed ten gallons of beer with Richard from Elizabeth Street Brewing. lots of people showed up bringing more beer, some food and an appetite to learn about making beer. what they learn is that it’s a all day in the backyard experience.

» February 19, 2008

Belgian Beer Appreciation Class Comes to LaTrappe Trappist Lounge in San Francisco March 22 at 3 p.m. Belgian beer enthusiast, beer tour guide and stand-up comedian Stuart leads this special […]

» June 27, 2007

This Saturday June 30, 2007 we’re broadcasting live from the 21st Amendment in San Francisco from 12-2PM (PST). Join us at 563 2nd Street on the Mezzanine or by pointing […]

» May 9, 2007

This is cool. For the week of May 14-20 everyone can participate in the Great American Beer Tour. Well I guess you can’t if you live in Oz or Belgium. […]

» April 18, 2007

We’re recording the next Beer School podcast at City Beer in San Francisco this Sunday at 1:00 PM. Please join us for the show which you can be a part […]

» March 5, 2007

Here’s the link for that fest at Triple Rock in Berkeley.

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