» April 11, 2010

Numerous blind tasting panels (where beer is poured into identical glasses out of site of the judges so judges don’t know what brand or what package the beer came from) have proven that beer from cans is indistinguishable from beer from any other package.

» April 1, 2010

the NEVER BEER show is finally recorded. the idea was to take something that you, the listeners, complain about and push it to the extreme. that is, you complain that we drink beer that you can’t get. so for this show we drank beer that nobody will EVER be able to get. okay, this is not entirely true. one of the beers in the collection can be purchased (or could have been). like Firestone 13…

» March 20, 2010

there’s lots of ways to tour a country. you could go it alone where it’s to you to research and plan every move. and that can be daunting. you could sign up for a tour that would take you from place to place on a giant bus. but because of it’s size you won’t see the small farm house off the side road. the better tour is on the short bus with not very many people. and the guide you want is somebody that isn’t just doing it for the money. they are doing it because they love the beer they are taking you to.

» March 12, 2010

it’s a country of the most and the least. the people of China drink more beer as a country compared to any other country in the world. but oddly, the amount of beer consumed per person is the lowest on planet. according to sources 95% of beer produced is consumed locally. it was this country’s demand for beer that caused the hop crisis. although none of the beer from China would be considered hoppy.

» March 7, 2010

for years Motor’s b-day had a specific name. Festival de Motor alternated years between adults only and kid friendly. there’s been trains, skating, casinos, more trains, buses and other trains. he likes trains. there’s a video on YouTube of the bus tour which not only went everywhere it came with shirts.

» January 31, 2010

Gabby likes things that Justine can’t stand. And the other way around. Faced with this problem we decided to have them drink beer on the show so we could record their reactions. Bugs Bunny face here we come.

» December 6, 2009

Susan and Steven traipsed around Europe for a month doing work, honeymooning and taking weekends off. they did the normal things like see museums, art, fountains, castles but they also made the effort to enjoy beer in all these places.

» November 16, 2009

Green Bean Casserole. Cranberry in a Can. Sweet potatoes with Melted Marshmallows. Curry Fruit which wouldn not be so bad if it wasn’t all from cans. Sausage in the stuffing […]

» November 11, 2009

Time travel back to 1986, 1987 and 1988 for some old Anchor Holiday beer.

» November 6, 2009

Magnolia and 21st Amendment make a month long festival featuring Belgium style beer called the BRU/SFO Project. the idea started with Strong Beer Month which was to make the slowest month of the year into a destination. they’ve chosen November as their next target.

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