» November 2, 2009

most people don’t consider taking public transportation for fun. while everyone thinks of it as a way to commute few people ride to destinations that might have tasty food and interesting things to drink. Gail and Steve made a website that documents where you might go along any of the places BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stops. while the show has it’s roots in local we talk about how you could replicate this in your own city if it hasn’t already been done.

» October 22, 2009

In the style of a cheesy Japanese movie two monsters go head to head. the show had big plans. we invited beer blogger girl and our lawyer but for whatever reason neither showed up. at breakfast we ran into the Woods. not the forest but some homebrewers. after much convincing they declined. undaunted and out of guests we proceeded as planned and discussed the Vermonster vs Monster case.

» October 12, 2009

Virtual Fry’s is closing and while cleaning it out we found a whole bunch of beer that listeners have sent us that seemed to have been forgotten.

» July 25, 2009

the question of why isn’t the world covered in grey goo get is just one that we ask our guest who has a nickname. Thor joins us to talk about Yeast and Homebrewing.

» July 19, 2009

we’re going on a field trip using the time machine. you don’t need a signed permission slip. most of you won’t need to worry about running into yourself but do […]

» July 12, 2009

Hillary and Kristen join us in the studio to talk about a list of stuff. There’s a list of notes around here somewhere but I lost the list in a […]

» June 17, 2009

1,100 home brewers are converging in Oakland to talk about beer, drink beer and recycle beer that they made and brought to share.

» May 30, 2009

Last year at the Oregon Brewers Festival we took over the Brewery Network for an hour to interview Rob Widmer from Widmer Brewing.

» February 16, 2009

It started at Anchor Steam and ended at a big party in Oakland a week later. Every day there was some event some where in the Bay Area celebrating beer. Highlights include the Double IPA festival at the Bistro, Toronado’s Barley Wine Festival, the Celebrator anniversay party, and all kinds of things in between.

» January 12, 2009

There were a bunch of beers in boxes that we needed to drink to make more room for 2009. We hang out with Thomas and geek about beer, the difference […]

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