» December 24, 2009

don’t like holiday because you don’t take sides with an invisible man but don’t want to be left out of the fun? join us for Festivus. it’s for the rest of us!

» December 10, 2009

here is the top 25 beer lists to top all the top 25 beer lists. okay, so I’m making fun lists. I’m not a fan of them. but I made one just the same for your enjoyment. and remember, I’m not kidding when I say “get here!”

» December 6, 2009

December 5th marks the 76th year of the repeal of the prohibition of alcohol in the United States of America. the 21st Amendment was passed allowing normal people to become normal again instead of being criminals.

» November 20, 2009

I’m packed. the camera is charged, the SD cards are empty, my iPod is shuffled and the H4 has new batteries. but best of all the boarding passes are printed. all that’s left is to go. maybe we’ll see any of you tomorrow at the Toronado San Diego from around 1PM until 5PM. we’ll make a stop into Hamiliton’s on our way back to the airport which will take us to 6PM. then it’s a bus to the jet to the BART to the 22 to the 547. T that is.

» November 19, 2009

it’s been fun tasting this beer evolve from a 1 time never beer to a second take better and finally to the third time is a charm masterpiece. it’s complex with flavor but is completely drinkable. you know how some holiday beers are over the top with something? pine(sol), cina(bomb), nut(meg), and all that is over done for no reason. Monk’s Blood isn’t that way at all. think balance, sophistication and finesse like that girl in the song who wears a short skirt and a long jacket.

and now it’s here or almost here depending on where you live.

» October 31, 2009

a while ago we had the big idea that it would be fun to open one Toronado and close the other Toronado on the same day. the jet is finally scheduled. Virgin America will take us to San Diego in time to open Toronado there and then return us back to San Francisco so we can close 547 Haight Street “the same day”.

» October 15, 2009

it has my attention that Monster (a crappy drink nobody should drink) is sueing a small brewery that put the word Monster in the name of their beer. what’s funny is that the Monster in that beer name is used in a really clever way. smashing Vermont and Monster together. get it? see it. clever.

» March 14, 2009

there was a lot to talk about because we hadn’t recorded a show in a while. so while there is no theme we drank some leftover leftover beer from Closet Cleaner and talked about stuff.

» February 23, 2009

A memorial for the beer community is scheduled for this Sunday, March 1, at 1:00 p.m. at the Trappist in Oakland, specifically at at 460 8th Street in Oakland, near the 12th Street BART station.

» February 20, 2009

Everyone is posting or twittering about Bill Brand the beer writer from the Oakland Tribune. He didn’t make it….

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