» October 15, 2009

it has my attention that Monster (a crappy drink nobody should drink) is sueing a small brewery that put the word Monster in the name of their beer. what’s funny is that the Monster in that beer name is used in a really clever way. smashing Vermont and Monster together. get it? see it. clever.

» October 12, 2009

Motor recently traveled to the midwest in pursuit of his alma mater. while he was there he dropped in to visit and tour New Glarus Brewing. he picked up some special things that we are giving away in the the great New Glarus give away! there are four great prizes.

» July 22, 2009

The iPhone “beer diary” is powered by this technology. It grabs text and pix. It’s way far from being done but having it show up here is step #0no.

» July 22, 2009

the Beer School Robot is back on the job thanks to Google Voice. you can call it anytime of the day or night to leave stories, songs or message

» February 7, 2009

in a way, this is hell. there’s special beer being poured every single night all over the Bay Area. it’s simply impossible to participate in all these events. we are […]

» July 25, 2008

Okay, not really live, but we’re recording at show from the Oregon Brewers Festival from 3-4 PM on Friday July 25th. Find us at the Brewing Network booth which is […]

» May 20, 2008

the new front page is just the beginning of what is to come. the big clear type, the white open space, and a very easy to figure out how interface […]

» April 7, 2008

thanks for you order! and thank you very much for listening. we really could not do this show without your support!

» October 30, 2007

Read this article called Prohibition Returns! Teetotaling do-gooders attack your right to drink… Amazing that people think they have the right to imprint their views on me. See, I happen […]

» October 23, 2007

Us here… email: send letters, coasters, beer and t-shirts to: Beer School / John Foster 401 Terry Francois Ste 212 San Francisco, CA 94158 drunk dialing the Beer School […]

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