» August 22, 2011

we were invited to spend the evening with our friends from Widmer Brewing at the Explore Your Craft night held in San Francisco. every table had grain and hops samples. at the end of the night we took all we could. the plan was to brew beer with it. and we did!

» November 20, 2009

Paxton proves to be all that and more. the man can cook. we could have stopped right after the plate of meat & cheese and been totally happy for the rest of the night. but we didn’t get to do that. instead the five senses of taste got uh-salted for the next 3 hours.

» July 28, 2009

It’s a mini tion-fest at the T!

» January 3, 2008

» September 17, 2007

This would have been two years ago. Photo by Gabby.

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