» June 18, 2007

[class photo goes here] It took activists 75 years to get alcohol products banned from consumer use. Starting after the civil war groups made their way from state to state. […]

» May 29, 2007

Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the summer. Thus the need to sample some of the beers of summer. Craig steps in to ask beer related questions, like […]

» May 23, 2007

For the 16th show we decided to dedicate it to the thing that holds the beer. And that is a pint. But that wasn’t subject enough so we talk about […]

» May 19, 2007

Sean Paxton from the HomeBrewChef.com visits. He brought the beer. We brought the food. Then we paired them up for an extravagant tour of taste. Unlike the guys on the “Beer […]

» May 13, 2007

The show is called “Another Four Beers”. We tell stories are about how the styles originated, the brewing process and why the tastes of these beers is unique. Of the […]

» May 2, 2007

People are writing in from all over the world asking what/where/when they should do while visiting San Francisco. Philip Nelson from What Ales Thee podcast joins us for the discussion […]

» April 27, 2007

It’s a three hour tour, a three hour tour. And we had some rules… don’t dupe it’s your story eenie meenie miny is okay have fun! Craig talks about his […]

» April 18, 2007

Bass Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale and Full Sail Pale are fine examples of the style. This is the first show that singles out a specific beer style. Homework in two […]

» April 10, 2007

Sorry about the lame title. For whatever reason we’re not feeling clever. We had a different show in mind but then couldn’t find the beer. Thus we got clever and […]

» April 1, 2007

Motor and John spent Sunday afternoon with a variety of different salads made by a salad chef and the inventor of the toasted raisin. There is a class photo showing […]

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