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» March 7, 2010

for years Motor’s b-day had a specific name. Festival de Motor alternated years between adults only and kid friendly. there’s been trains, skating, casinos, more trains, buses and other trains. he likes trains. there’s a video on YouTube of the bus tour which not only went everywhere it came with shirts.

» March 3, 2010

the homework isn’t always beer. if you have any kind of a green thumb you owe it to yourself to plant a vine or two of hops. that’s right, you to can grow one of the four ingredients of beer in your own back yard (or anyone elses backyard just be sure to ask first).

just so you know, brewing your own beer with hops that you grew is as rewarding as it gets.

» February 10, 2010

you know that sometimes the only way to get that cool glass or plate is to appropriate it by appropriation. and while the five finger discount seems like a good idea 5 pints into the night there are better ways to acquire loot. like at the Rogue Ales Public House Presidents day(s) garage sale. okay, so we don’t they don’t really have a garage but they do have a sale.

» February 2, 2010

you cannot go to every single event. don’t even try. by the time this happens there will be over 250. decide what you think is the most fun you can have and do that. you will look at the list with the idea of all of this sounds fun. but the reality is that time will be your limiting factor.

» February 2, 2010

wow! was that AWESOME or what?

» February 1, 2010

it was ShaunO who said, “you know, we really need to brew a beer call Beer School. you can help make it. anything you want to make. seriously, let’s do it!” I was floored, excited and scared all at the same time. and the question “what to make” started pinging around in my mind. oh so many things to make. it was why I was scared.

» February 1, 2010

Stu Stuart has a bunch of trips planned that will take you to all over the country of Belgium. some of the trips are centered around a festival like Zythos or Essen Christmas Beer Festival.

» January 31, 2010

Join us at 5PM on Monday February 1 for the release of Beer School the beer. it’s pouring at 21st Amendment on 563 2nd St (between Brannon and Bryant) in San Francisco.

» January 31, 2010

Gabby likes things that Justine can’t stand. And the other way around. Faced with this problem we decided to have them drink beer on the show so we could record their reactions. Bugs Bunny face here we come.

» January 27, 2010

because there isn’t anything happening before SF beer week you might be interested in this Sunday afternoon event being held at Ace’s located in the Tenderknob. join the regulars in choosing the best homemade Chili in their 4th annual event. and if the chili doesn’t fill you up there will be free BBQ to go with that.

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